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About Us - WDA Movers, LLC


Welcome to WDA Movers, LLC, Eugene, Oregon's trusted moving company. We're not just a team of movers; we're a group of professionals dedicated to making your move smooth, stress-free, and compliant with all state regulations.

Our Commitment:

  • Regulatory Compliance: We strictly adhere to the ARB tariff and the regulations set by ODOT's Commerce and Compliance Division. This ensures fair pricing and regulated services for all moves within Oregon​​​​.

  • Certified and Reliable: As a certified mover, we meet the stringent requirements set by ODOT, ensuring top-notch service for every move​​.

  • Transparent Services: Our services include a range of moving options, from local moves within Eugene to long-distance relocations, all clearly defined in the ARB tariff and ODOT regulations​​.

Specialized Services:

  • Piano Moving Expertise: We have the authority and expertise to move special commodities like pianos, ensuring your valuable items are handled with the utmost care​​.

  • Flexible Moving Options: Whether it's expedited moves or handling ready-to-assemble furniture, we've got you covered. We understand the unique challenges of moving different types of items and offer tailored solutions​​​​.

Why Choose WDA Movers, LLC?

  • Experience and Knowledge: Our years of experience in the moving industry, combined with our knowledge of state regulations, set us apart.

  • Customer Focus: We understand that every move is unique. That's why we offer personalized services to meet your specific needs.

  • Safety and Care: Your belongings are in safe hands. We offer advice on inventory lists for local hourly moves, ensuring a smooth and accountable moving process. 

At WDA Movers, LLC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing professional, compliant, and customer-focused moving services. Contact us today to experience a move that's as seamless as it is compliant!

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